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Some people think the art of antenna design is black magic, here are the European Engineering Consultancy we see Antenna Design as following pragmatic principles and simple laws of physics. We have many years of experience in the design of custom antennas and can use this to produce the best antenna solution for your business.

To determine the best antenna solution for our customers we look at:

  • Link Budget to determine the required gain.
  • The radiation pattern and polarisation required to result in the most reliable communications system.
  • Practical sizes whether it is micro PCB antennas to larger arrays.
  • We conduct full 3D analysis of antenna designs
  • We design the mechanics of our antennas to cope with all environments (space, military and outdoor use).
  • We can build antennas at virtually any frequency and bandwidths up to 27 GHz.

Want to measure your own antennas? We have specialist knowledge of anechoic chambers and can help you build from scratch and setup your own measurement system complete with all the software and signal processing you require.

Smart Antennas

We understand how to design robust radio electronics which can flawlessely operate within really tough environments. We have years of experience – both acedemic and practical to help solve the most difficult problems. We can design and supply hardware to help your projects work in the best possible way. Our antennas use the very latest technology available to allow ultra small sizes and enable the powering of (iOT) internet of things applications.

Radio signals reflect and bounce around rooms, cities and buildings. These reflections change depending on the orientation, position of the antennas and this multipath can combine to cancel the signals out. Changes in environment such as people, cars moving can cause the signal to be lost periodically.

We can supply custom smart antennas which mitigate against multipath using smart reconfigure technology, boost your signal with higher gains and can make your communications channel reliability almost 100% no matter how the environment changes.

We have supplied antennas to commercial, space (satellites) and defence markets and can guarentee the necesery quality and qualification whether it be one off designs or volume manufacture.

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