The European Engineering Consultancy is a Specialist Engineering Company providing world leading electronic and mechanical solutions to Space, High Technology Science and Industrial Markets.

Who are we?

We provide bespoke advanced electronic solutions with a strong emphasis on Radio Frequency products, particularly within the space industry. We provide affordable access and a route to world-class electronic design, RF simulation and mechanical engineering services to companies of all sizes in any sector of the industry. We have a ISO-Class 7 cleanroom and an ISO-Class 8 Test and Measurement Laboratory. The European Engineering Consultancy has undertaken many large complex projects from design and build of Quantum Computing hardware to Lunar Space Missions. We provided 2 years of design and space consultancy on the Airbus OneWeb Channeliser RF Payload – at completion there were 400 in orbit, much of the design was by EECL. Our project scales have varied from those taking just a few hours to complex long-term design, simulation or full product development engagements.

We are proudly supported by the UK Space Agency and have recently been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to provide the GNSS payload for Lunar Pathfinder – this will be the first GPS position fix outside of earths orbit. More examples of our work are the development of 5G beam-formers, microwave synthesisers and Low Noise Amplifiers for GNSS Space missions. We can deliver highly professional full systems from concept, design, test and delivery in just 4 months. We can do the same for you.

As a company we also diversify into other areas. We were recently selected to design and build one of the most complex pieces of hardware conceivable for a flagship venture capital funded start-up. The company now has 200+ employees and we turned around a fully fledged working prototype for them in a wonderfully designed case. The design is now being manufactured in volume worldwide. If you have a difficult problem come and speak to us.

Some of Our Designs and Products

Some more of Our Designs and Products

What do we do?

As well as partnering with companies on Specific Ventures, We also design, build and sell our own customised products. We can design, build and supply you high performance bespoke electronic hardware. We specialise in high frequency microwave designs and can package the hardware in professional machined enclosures as required by the customer. Our products have flown on space missions, been used for military purposes or have been operated within in a commercial environment. We can design and qualify products for space use, whether it be performing radiation assessment, environmental test campaigns, quality control and provide all the required documentation. We can also help you with your own design and provide consultancy to get you where you need to be faster than you would do alone. We also supply consultancy and hardware to non space markets such as military, civil and commercial. Come and speak to us!

Hardware Design

Our niche is in the design of complex RF hardware from DC to around 30 GHz. We have a lot of experience of what is possible and what boundaries can be pushed whilst maintaining performance and reliability. We really can deliver cutting edge designs that have been optimised for smallest size, lowest weight and best performance. See our website pages for current products, details of our technical capability or get in touch to work with us on a project. We can always customise a current product and deliver it to suit your needs or design you a completely new one. If your hardware is for use in space we can also offer qualification and radiation evaluation services.

RF Electronics

We can design using exotic materials and complex mixed material PCB layer stacks. We design, simulate and print novel RF structures that always result in something customers do not believe is possible.  We have known working designs of sub components that we can pull from to speed up delivery, we make use of Filters, Couplers, Splitters, Phase Adjusters, LNAs, Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Phase Locked Loops and a whole host of digital control and power electronics to bring together complete working radio solutions. We have a get it right first time approach to RF hardware and always go the extra mile with customers to deliver a fully complete and working product. We have the ability to design and measure antennas, RF hardware and provide calibrated measurements. We can deliver you customised metal RF enclosures with absorber and EMC sealing, Come and Speak to us!

Antenna Design

We have a huge amount of experience in the design of antennas. We understand the exact trade-offs which need to be made and can build antennas tailored for most application requirements. Just recently we provided a phased array antenna panel and it performed exactly right first time. We can deliver all sorts of antennas, patch elements, 3D structures and and arrays of printed antenna structures.


All electronics generally requires software to control it. We use and can supply Matlab / Embedded Software and various interfaces to allow control of hardware. We are specialists in automated test and can generate you bespoke automated test software which will control and test your systems. We make use of scripting to generate large test routines that can characterise equipment over temperature, time or any other physical parameter. Get in touch to talk about what we can do for you!

Our Latest News and Press Releases

May 2022 – EECL Hosts Sir Ed Davey

EECL hosts Sir Ed Davey – Liberal Democrat Leader and our MP.  It was a privilege for us to showcase our latest projects and tell our success story. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning presenting our achievements over the last three years.

EdDavey_EEC_Visit_KingstonNews (download pdf)

Kingston News Nub

April 2022 – EECL Delivers EM Moon GNSS Hardware to ESA and SSTL.

EECL is proud to be on the European Space Agency website front page!

EECL has delivered the engineering model of the Lunar Pathfinder GNSS receiver to ESA and SSTL.  The qualified hardware is a duplicate of the hardware EECL is flying to the moon. This is a major achievement for EECL. All hardware was built and tested in EECLs Class 7 cleanroom and assembly area.

Read the story here: ESA News Story: The moon where no satnav has gone before.

Download PDF

March 2022 – EECL Completes Radiation Testing for Lunar Pathfinder

EECL have completed a gruelling radiation campaign to qualify the SpacePNT GNSS receiver for flight. We worked day and night bombarding sensitive components with heavy ions flying at 90% the speed of light – thus simulating single event effects in order to validate their performance in space. Thanks to ESA for supplying the facilities at UCL Belgium and GSI Frankfurt it was a real honour for EECL to be trusted to conduct these radiation tests.  (UCL Left, GSI Right).


December 2021 – EECL Wins Lunar Moon Mission from ESA.

EECL will provide the hardware for the first ever GPS positioning fix away from earth. The hardware will fly on ESAs Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft in 2024. Read the Full Press Release Here.

DownLoad PDF: Final EECL 7.12.21

December 2021: EECL Selected to Supply ESA-Airbus LNA Modules

EECL has signed a deal with Surrey Satellite Technology to design and deliver the front end LNA modules for the HydroGNSS Spacecraft which will provide measurements of key hydrological climate variables, including soil moisture, freeze–thaw state over permafrost, inundation and wetlands, and above-ground biomass, using a technique called Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry. In doing so it will complement missions such as ESA’s SMOS and Biomass, Copernicus Sentinel-1 and NASA’s SMAP.

August 2020: EECL Supply 5G Metamaterial Antenna

EECL has just delivered a world first to the University of Surrey which was the manufacture of a large 5G metamaterial intelligent surface (2 meters across) for the reflection and control of 5G beams.  The creation of such a large structure is incredibly difficult, but EECL has the capability and experience to deliver such a prototype and we took the proposed design from concept to realisation in just 5 weeks. The delivered antennas contain thousands of surface mount components and large dielectric panels stitched together using exotic materials – all mounted on a custom built demonstration rig. The delivered design worked perfectly for the University of Surrey.

The result of EECLs manufacturing work can be seen in this excellent video made by the University of Surrey to demo the Meta-Material Antennas:

March 2020: Digikey Journal – EECL Featured Press Release

EECL featured in the digikey journal March issue for its commitment to delivering cutting edge Space Hardware.

November 2019: EECL Presents at Armms Conference

EECL presented and gave a talk at the Armms Conference on Beaming forming for 5G Systems with practical demos and results. Download our presentation paper here: Ben Kieniewicz – ARMMS Nov 2019

March 2019: EECL Supply Space Demonstration Ka-Band Beam Former

An example of a recent project that we have just carried out was the design of a broad Ka-Band 5G analogue beam forming network supporting multiple beams and a high number of antenna nodes. We went from concept, design and test in just 4 months. We managed to combine complex PCB layer stacks using exotic materials with novel RF printed structures to result in something the customers did not believe was possible. An antenna array was additionally designed and performed exceptionally when tested in an anechoic chamber. The design was a prototype but consideration that it could used in space was taken and it is probable that a larger scale design will be flown on a real mission. We are already working on a 500-element antenna version!

April 2019: EECL Complete Consultancy contract resulting in Succesfull OneWeb In Orbit Deployment.

EECL consulted on the design of the Airbus OneWeb RF Flexible Channeliser Payload for Teledyne. So far 400 have been deployed in orbit with many more being assembled. Much of the design was carried out by EECL and the payload handles all the Uplink and Downlink communications for the 750 Space craft to offer global internet coverage.

Our Customers

We have been fortunate to have acquired some excellent and prestigious customers and continue to work with these clients. We are actively looking for new projects and customers and would only be too pleased to discuss a collaboration. Some of our current customers are:

  • European Space Agency + UK Space Agency
  • Teledyne Defence & Space
  • Oneweb Satellites
  • Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL).
  • University of Surrey
  • Airbus
  • Syderal SA
  • Cellmetric
  • Converge
  • Swissto12
  • Arralis