Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We have tried to answer questions as to how we work with our customers and clients. If you cannot see your query here then get in touch and we can help.

Is consultancy your main line of business?
Absolutely No, We design a lot of our own product, but our specialist skills have value and therefore we sell our expertise as well as our own products.
Will we sign an NDA?
Yes. If you want to discuss commercially sensitive information with us then we will keep everything confidential and can offer a 2-way NDA to protect both parties or we can use yours.

How much do services cost?
This is a great question, yet a proper answer depends on your specific project.  Here are some guides:

Product Development: Cost is the single most constraining aspect of Product Development, and it holds back many projects.  However, the cost of Engineering is not usually the biggy.  It’s not cheap to engineer, prototype, develop, or manufacture, so it’s important to make good decisions all along the way.  That’s one place where EECL knowledge and experience can help.

Every new project is different, so without details, we can’t guess at the cost for you.  However, we constantly see dozens of ways customers pay too much, and in that alone, we can save money.  We’ll help you think through options and find ways to minimise this aspect of your new development.

Consulting: Again, it’s impossible to estimate a project without understanding it.  That said, spending money for consulting to streamline your hurdles and accelerate your project puts you ahead in the long run.  Also, for shorter projects, it certainly saves money over hiring full-time staff.

How It Works: There are many ways to structure relationships, but these are the most common:

  1. If the project is well defined from beginning to end, we can work on a Firm, Fixed Price.  We’ll agree on services and price, then work to that.
  2. If the project path is not well defined, or if end goals are not definitive, we can work to Time and Materials.
  3. Custom options are available, and specific to your situation.

Please call to discuss your project and we’ll help with a much better idea on cost numbers.

Will we procure the parts and build all the hardware that we designed?
Yes – we can do a full prototype or production run for you, procure all the parts you need and handle the full build. These costs can sometimes be underestimated by companies with complicated supply chains and procurement departments and outsourcing this to us can often save money.
What design software packages do we use?
We have in house Solidworks and Altium for our 3D and PCB design.
Will we collaborate on a project?
Yes, if a particular project is also on our road-map we would love to collaborate so that we can both achieve our goals quicker.
What is product development?

We use this term to describe the process of bringing ideas from first concept all the way into production.  Every new product starts as an idea which grows and morphs and expands as it develops into a final product.  Some products are sold at stores, some solve specific problems, some stay in a factory to make production easier.  These all start with ideas and end up as useful things.

This whole evolution from Idea to Product is called The Product Development Process, and there is a lot to it, much more than most people realise.  It seems like it should be simple, but there are a lot of details that have to be worked out besides the design.

What industries do you serve?
In short we serve all industries where can offer a product or service. We have traditionally been delivering for the space sector but the skills and products can be transferred to military and commercial.
Will you trade engineering services for equity in my company?
Believe it or not, we get this question a lot.  New inventors in particular are very keen for the success of their new product, and often end up stymied by the cost of both development and production.  We certainly sympathise with this situation, because we’ve been there.
The short answer is YES, but that is tempered by many factors including the fact that we just don’t have the resources to provide free help for everyone. Contact us if you have something specific to discuss.
Why hire an engineering consultant?
The Short Answer:  It maximises your capabilities with short-term, significant expertise. You can make a flying head start on your product.
Questions are good, and we’re listening.  Please feel free to ask by dropping us a line on the form below, and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.