We have various custom products available for sale. These are built on a customer need and can be tailored where required to suit your needs. Get in touch if anything is close to what you require and we will look at creating you a custom version.

Advanced RF and Microwave Enclosure Technology

We offer custom RF and Microwave enclosures beautifully machined and plated with our high loss tangent nickel. Inside surfaces are roughened for maximum isolation whereas outsides are wonderfully smooth and elegant. We can apply to the cases our high-performance isolation gasket as well as compartment microwave absorber. Both are best in class materials that result in the very best repeatable RF performance. Our processes are suitable for low cost – high volume (1000s) as well as one off prototypes.

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Gasket Absorber Datasheet

Full Cross Over Switch Matrix

The SWM is a fast, USB controlled RF crossover switch-matrix that can switch any of two common ports to any of 16 or 64 input/output ports. It features a full crossover capability allowing any switching combination to be selected, while supporting bi-directional RF paths from 10 kHz to 10 GHz or 30GHz with low insertion loss. Each port is DC blocked and can withstand up to 16V. Unlike mechanical switches, each port is always internally matched to 50 Ohm and the unselected ports are internally matched making this similar to a VNA extender. The module features an internal oven and can if required hold stability over time to less than 0.02dB with zero drift and near perfect repeatability due to solid-state technology.

Switch Matrix Datasheet















Dual Channel Reconfigurable Up and Downconverter – VNA Extender

EECL is pleased to offer the market a dual channel converter module that can be configured for RF->IF or IF->RF (independent) conversion utilising two frequency and phase locked channels. Gain control (+30 to -30 dB) of both IF and RF ports is facilitated, and these can be reversed as required independently. Each channel has an extremely high isolation of 90dB.  The LO used for mixing is generated from an extremely low phase noise VCO and can be set anywhere from 8GHz to 32GHz. The unit has integrated tuneable harmonic filters to prevent unwanted spurious and the unit provides extremely high dynamic range and low noise figure.

The unit takes a 6V power supply and operates over USB with a simple UART based command set, perfect to control with Matlab, C, Labview. The unit is drift stabilised by the inclusion of an oven and therefore suitable for long term use in a calibrated system (S-Parameter measurement).

Dual Converter Datasheet














Automated Test Products

The EECL ATD module is a hugely versitile USB controlled  card that has a range of voltage supplies (coupled with current sensing from nano amp through to amp levels), analogue input pin banks and configurable digital input/output arrays. The card is unique as the dynamic ranges offered are unprecidented and with 20 high speed CPU cores running in parallel the card has power for the most demanding laboratory, industrial and scientific problems.

The card is essentially a combination of 4 heavy duty lab supplies, 16 medium power programable supplies, 16 multimeters with precision current, resistance and power measurement, 16 analoge voltage meters and 20 universal digital programable input/output pins.  These are all connected up via a super accurate stable voltage reference and communicate to an onboard processor with a USB port facilitating a smart system. This processor can be tasked to perform powerful tests with the simplest of commands either from a supplied software suite or a user written application such as Labview, Matlab, C++ etc.

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ATD Module EECL Datasheet