We have various custom products available for sale. These are built on a customer need and can be tailored where required to suit your needs. Get in touch if anything is close to what you require and we will look at creating you a custom version.

Automated Test Products

Versatile Electronic Test and Automated Measurement System.

The EECL ATD module is a hugely versitile USB controlled  card that has a range of voltage supplies (coupled with current sensing from nano amp through to amp levels), analogue input pin banks and configurable digital input/output arrays. The card is unique as the dynamic ranges offered are unprecidented and with 20 high speed CPU cores running in parallel the card has power for the most demanding laboratory, industrial and scientific problems.

The card is essentially a combination of 4 heavy duty lab supplies, 16 medium power programable supplies, 16 multimeters with precision current, resistance and power measurement, 16 analoge voltage meters and 20 universal digital programable input/output pins.  These are all connected up via a super accurate stable voltage reference and communicate to an onboard processor with a USB port facilitating a smart system. This processor can be tasked to perform powerful tests with the simplest of commands either from a supplied software suite or a user written application such as Labview, Matlab, C++ etc.

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ATD Module EECL Datasheet


RF Products

We have the following RF products for sale:

  • Dual Band RF Receiver tuner module, 2-5 GHz.
  • Various Analog Beam Former Designs
  • Phased array antenna panels
  • Ka Band power amplifiers
  • Wideband RF splitters