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Here at the European Engineering Consultancy we understand RF and we use this knowledge to bring the simplest and most economical designs to our customers using a get it right first time approach. We can supply RF circuits either as standalone PCAs or integrated into easier to use modules. For the more complex designs like synthesizers we can supply them with our unique quiet intelligent interfaces to allow configuration to be simple whilst maintaining pure spur free RF signals.

Our unique modules can be configured to have a cavity filter built in, this unique design allows cutting edge receiver / transmitter performance to be attained. We can design and build RF Modules with any combination of the following:

Amplifiers – LNA & Power
Automatic Gain Control
Analog to Digital Converters
Digital to Analog Converters
Filters – Fixed & Tunable – Ask about our Filter Design Service.
Limiting Amplifiers
Modulators & Demodulators
Phase Shifters
PLLs and Synthesisers
Power Detectors

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our Latest Microwave Receiver Module:


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