The following are examples of recent consultancy that we have carried out for our customers and partners.

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”Microwave Radio Receiver Module” tag=”h3″ size=”20″ margin=”18″ align=”left”]

A particular customer who supplied covert wireless video receivers to the US government had a need to extend their single frequency input of 400 MHz into L, S and C band (1 to 5GHz).  The unit needed to be matchbox sized and be able to operate within the harshest of RF environments.  If this wasn’t enough the unit was required to operate with signal ranges from -110dBm to +30dBm and accurately measure the input signal power level.

A module pictured below was designed to achieve this task. Some clever functionality was employed to measure the power to 1 dB accuracy over 140 dB dynamic range. The noise figure was exceptional at just 1.5 dB and the filtering (company secret) allowed use in tough situations with high unwanted input signals.

The project was a success and the customer very happy. If you have similar requirements contact us for a chat.


[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”Automated Power Amplifier Calibration System” tag=”h3″ size=”20″ margin=”18″ align=”left”]

A particular customer required highly accurate data on a power amplifier performance over temperature, gate voltage and input bandwidth. A system was devised to thermal cycle the amplifier and accurately create a lookup table to be used for the lifetime of the amplifier. The system was capable of characterising a large production batch  in a fraction of the time using a user interface that a trainee test engineer could use and understand.

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”10W KaBand Power Amplifier” tag=”h3″ size=”20″ margin=”18″ align=”left”]

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”100dB Broadband Variable Attenuator” tag=”h3″ size=”20″ margin=”18″ align=”left”]

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”CBand Antenna for wireless video” tag=”h3″ size=”20″ margin=”18″ align=”left”]