Our business model thrives around helping you achieve your goals. We can provide some basic design support or go all the way and Design / Manufacture / Test / Deliver a completely custom product. We can provide the following levels of support:

1. Minor help and consultancy – small problems.
2. Deliver part of a design for you to be integrated into your own solution.
3. Design, Manufacture and Test a complete prototype for you.
4. Design, Manufacture, Test, Qualify and Production manufacture a series of products providing integration support.

Our knowledge and expertise provides clients with access to the latest technology, ensuring market differentiation and successful product application. Our specialist knowledge means we can assess the capacity of current or future technologies and manage the requirement needs of a product to ensure longevity. We have five principle application areas which we can pull together to develop your ideas:

Radio Frequency: We have developed our own approach to RF engineering.  The days when higher operating frequencies needed the budgets of multinationals are gone and we have key knowledge to allow us to do just enough to guarantee design performance without over engineering. We know how to design with complex exotic pcb layer stacks, produce metalwork with RF shielding and guarantee RF performance.

Antenna Development and Measurement: We have a huge amount of experience in the design of antennas. We understand the exact trade-offs which need to be made and can build antennas tailored for most application requirements.

Electronic Systems Development: We have a history of building complex electronics, from multi-layer FR4 boards with BGAs and blind vias through to complex build Rogers/FR4 stacks.

Mechanical and PCB design: Beautiful electronics requires beautiful enclosures and mechanics to compliment it. We are highly experienced at optimising the best mechanics for your application.

Our Resources

EECL has the following in house skills and design resources:

  • PCB layout using Altium Designer
  • 3D CAD design using Solidworks
  • Data analytics and automated test
  • Various embedded and windows application software environments
  • Thermal and Mechanical stress simulation
  • 3D printer to prototype mechanics
  • Microscopes, Solder Stations, Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, High performance simulation computers
  • We have the latest Keysight VNA, Spectrum Analyser and Signal Generation to 44 GHz.
  • We rent when required for projects, Specialist Equipment, Thermal Chambers

We have a trusted colleagues and partner companies and when required we can add to our own capability in the following areas:

  • Radiation Analysis at component level to determine suitability for space missions
  • Quality Control Experts to produce accurate parts, materials, processing and quality assurance documents.
  • Vibration and Thermal Vacuum Test
  • Extra mechanical designers
  • Extra PCB layout resource
  • Test resource where required
  • VHDL skills where required