About EECL

EECL (European Engineering & Consultancy) was established in 2016 by Dr Ben Kieniewicz to provide high technological electronic and wireless solutions to the Aerospace markets. Its founder has extensive experience within the space sector and believes that traditional aerospace companies struggle to be competitive and cannot adapt in the fast moving and newly emerging space markets. Satellite manufacturers are demanding better performance, quicker turn around designs that use the latest methods and technologies at a lower cost. Here at EECL we have leaner working practices, quicker turnaround times and with extensive experience of delivery into real space missions we can offer a get it right first time approach and produce fully compliant hardware at a fraction of the traditional cost – with absolutely no compromise on product assurance and quality.

We have large laboratory space as well as offices. The ESD lab is equipped with the latest solder stations, microscopes and assembly equipment and well as dry temperature controlled storage. We have an array of test equipment including the latest Keysight VNA, Spectrum Analyser and Signal Sources that can measure a host of RF measurements up to 44 GHz. We talk a lot about space here at EECL, however, we also cater all other markets – we believe that the cross pollination of technology between commercial, defence and space has great benefits.

The company is financially stable, we have a good stream of steady customers and are reliable and will deliver your product with much more added value!

We have the latest assembly equipment.

We have a Class 7 Clean-Room for assembly and test.

We adhere to strict working practices for Quality Assurance.

Ben Kieniewicz working on the SSTL NovaSAR Radar Imager Spacecraft.

About the Founder and CEO

EECL (European Engineering & Consultancy) was founded in 2016 by Dr Ben Kieniewicz. Ben’s interest and desire to develop electronics started before the age of 10 years and led him to complete a Masters in Electronic and Communications Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2001 before embarking on a PhD (also at Leeds) in wireless medical electronics. His work was the foundation for the wireless sensing spinout company Instrumentel Ltd, today the company remains successful and is part of Unipart Rail Ltd.

Ben spent 5 years working in cutting edge wireless communications for Detica BAE Systems and then joined Surrey Satellite Technology making the transition to working on space electronics. During his 7 years at SSTL Ben worked on multiple satellite and space missions for the European Space Agency, NASA and technology demonstration missions primarily in GNSS, Science & Remote Sensing and development of RF hardware. Ben has designed hardware which has flown on over 20 spacecraft.

Notable work Ben has carried out include:

  • Developing and building the Antennas, Low Noise Amplifiers and Receivers for the CYGNSS GNSS Remote sensing mission for NASA. A personal thankyou and a report that the payload was working perfectly was received from Science director Prof Chris Ruff.
  • Designing and Building the GPS receiver LNA, Filters and Antennas to work along side and track GPS whilst operating a 1700W synthetic aperture radar imaging spacecraft.
  • Design of a 2GBPS wide KaBand 10W spacecraft downlink.
  • Design of an ADS-B antenna and LNA to be mounted on the outside of the international space station.
  • Built, Managed and performed the environmental testing on the Orbital Sciences CYGNSS GNSS Antennas for the automated transfer vehicle to the ISS

Ben now solely runs EECL and has high profile clients such as Airbus, OneWeb, Teledyne Defence & Space, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, the FBI (US) and some smaller start-up companies. A more detailed personal CV is available on request.

Through EECL Ben has provided consultancy services to Oneweb and Teledyne Defence & Space for the design of the KaBand Flexible Channeliser – The payload at the heart of the Oneweb mission.

NASA CYGNSS Mission Feedback – LNAs and Antennas – March 2019

Ben Kieniewicz designed the LNAs and Antennas for a NASA mission to pickup GPS reflections from the surface of the Ocean and enable wind speed measurement. The hardware has been working on 12 spacecraft for over 2 years!

In the Media

Ben Kieniewicz has been proud to be part of the design, build and operation of various space missions. Some notable missions are listed below with links to media publications.

UK – TechDemoSat

UK – NovaSAR 

Europe – Galilao





Orbital Sciences ISS Delivery Mission

Ben Kieniewicz designed and supplied the GPS antennas for the Orbital Sciences Cygnus Spacecraft which is used as the transfer vehicle to the International Space Station. They can be seen mounted on the outside of the spacecraft.