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Our knowledge and expertise provides clients with access to the latest technology, ensuring market differentiation and successful product application. Our specialist knowledge means we can assess the capacity of current or future technologies and manage the requirement needs of a product to ensure longevity.

We have five principle application areas which we can pull together to develop your ideas:

Simulation: We use the latest tools to quickly produce accurate models of thermal performance, mechanical stress, RF measurements and EMC compliance. Simulations allow us to adopt a get it right first time approach and derisk a lot of the design effort up front.

Radio Frequency: We have developed our own approach to RF engineering.  The days when higher operating frequencies needed the budgets of multinationals are gone and we have key knowledge to allow us to do just enough to guarantee design performance without over engineering.

Antenna Development and Measurement: We have a huge amount of experience in the design of antennas. We understand the exact trade-offs which need to be made and can build antennas tailored for most application requirements.

Electronic Systems Development: We have a history of building complex electronics, from multi-layer FR4 boards with BGAs and blind vias through to complex build Rogers/FR4 stacks.

Mechanical and PCB design: Beautiful electronics requires beautiful enclosures and mechanics to compliment it. We are highly experienced at optimising the best mechanics for your application.

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